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Freelance PR (Public Relations) consultant in Germany

Discover new markets in Germany

The German market is a very attractive market for foreign exporters. With more than 81 million people, it is the largest market in Europe. The existing business opportunities are therefore very much of interest.

Wouldn’t it be nice to successfully place your products or services here?

Sales and marketing is one thing - cultural differences are another.

The German way of life and thinking is different to what you might be used to. One says: ”When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Being German, I have spent several years in the U.S., England and Belgium. I have noticed more than once how different countries are, how different people think and talk and how quickly misunderstandings can happen.

That is why my special interest lies in intercultural competence and the solution on how to achieve sustainable solutions in respect to cultural diversity.

If you intend to have more visibility on the German market – this is the way. Take advantage of the multiple benefits of marketing and public relations / PR in Germany:

With andrea ludwig pr you gain:

  • A bilingual, local professional with contacts and know-how of the German media
  • A marketing and public relations expert supporting you and your company Germany
  • Someone who has a true understanding of your company and your products and/or services
  • Awareness of your company's products or services
  • Credibility and positive image for your company and your products and/or services